Saturday, March 6


THORNY., originally uploaded by twentyonepurplehorses.

One of my favorite BBF pics so far :)


and so i took a break. 
i think you can tell. 
a physical one, a mental one and a cyber one. 

just a week shy from my return from the land of smiles - oh how i love that pretty place! i am getting ready to pack my bags again. 
h&m, here i come. 
the last i looked, i only have 80plus MB left in my phone. 
boo. i still remember my friend telling me that i would never use up the memory of my trusty phone. 
i can give you 101 reasons why i love my phone and 1 reason why i don't. 
here's some pics from my short but long getaway. 
what's not to love about my phone? (besides that 1 reason)
whether i should get a new one is the question. 
psst. my 2nd roll of film from my BBF has been processed. tell you more in the next post. 

Sunday, February 14


oh my, i've been eating and eating some more.
but i'm happpppy. 
more food, family and fellowship for a few more days.
i like. 

Saturday, February 13


there's just something about old buildings that i love. 
looking at their facade alone makes me think of the things they weathered through the years. 
looking at one of these buildings is kinda like looking at someone's face.
as they speak, you study their faces and read between the lines. 
no pun intended.


chinese new year is here. 
you kinda know/feel it when you eat more and at shorter intervals.
happy that i got mum's brekkie the day before to last me till a number of days later till i get to eat home cooked food again. 
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